Terms & Conditions


Policy on Price Changes and Prior Sales:
We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Please be sure to set up your browser to reload these pages each time you start a session if you want to see a current sales list and up-to-date prices. Some browsers default to a mode where they store the pages in a local disk cache and do not automatically refresh the data.

Most items are one-of-a-kind, unique and are subject to prior sale. We do NOT charge your credit card until the product is ready to ship.

Potential Product Restrictions:
(Can you order that product legally?)
The vast majority of items we offer are legal for sale in all states and most countries. However, some of the products we sell are from animals or plants and may not be legal for you to purchase in your home state or country.

To the best of our knowledge, all the items we offer are legal for sale in the state of California. However, various laws change regularly and since it is difficult for us to keep up with the laws in our own state, you can understand why it is impossible for us to know the laws applicable to your state or country.

Therefore, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be familiar with the laws of your state or country. Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc. is in no way offering to sell you a product that is not legal for you to purchase, import, or possess. You are responsible for any fines or penalties imposed should you purchase a product you cannot legally buy from us. You also agree to release us from any liability for providing such products.

We do NOT sell illicit goods, however sometimes, items which seem ordinary may actually be protected or restricted in some places. For example, while turkey feathers are legal in California, other web sites state that they are restricted in some southern states. Products from elk such as leather and antler are legal in most states, however elk are protected in California. We cannot sell whole elk antler, but it's OK to sell elk antler pieces for belt buckles and the like.

Because we don't want to cause problems for our customers (or for ourselves), we would appreciate receiving notification of the laws applicable to your state if you are familiar with them, especially if you work for an enforcement agency. Please send us copies of the laws and regulations. We'll make sure we don't ship restricted products to those locales.



We are an Indian Arts and Crafts Board Certified business.
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